What are my rights as a parent/guardian under Section 504?

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You have the right to:

  • Receive notice regarding the identification, evaluation, and/or placement of your child.
  • Examine relevant records pertaining to your child.
  • File a complaint with the district 504 Coordinator, who will investigate the allegations regarding Section 504 matters other than your child’s identification, evaluation, and placement.
  • Request an impartial hearing with respect to the district’s actions regarding the identification, evaluation, or placement of your child, with an opportunity for you to participate in the hearing, to have representation by an attorney at your own expense, and to have a review procedure.
  • File a complaint with the appropriate regional Office for Civil Rights.

For additional information, contact:

Office for Civil Rights, Region IV
1999 Bryan Street, Suite 1620
Dallas, Texas 75201-6810
(214) 661-9600