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8th Grade Transition, Gator Chats

West Fork High School is presenting several seminars to current 8th graders to be prepared as they transition to high school. Lead Counselor Amber Smith has been working with students during the seminar to give students the knowledge and help them understand graduation requirements. In addition, she has informed them of class rank, GPA, credits, and the importance of goal setting. Coach McDougald also shared how special this opportunity is, stating, “This is an exciting time to start traditions, and West Fork is an awesome school.”

This seminar series, Gator Chats, will continue in April and May. Amber Smith will present future topics on topics like limiting distractions, making good decisions, and getting involved in programs in high school. All things that increase student academic success!


Amber Smith with Students

Amber Smith with students 2

Amber Smith with students 3

Coach McDougald with students