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New Caney ISD Honored with Purple Star Designation

New Caney ISD is the only district in Region 6 to receive the Purple Star Designation, which recognizes districts that support military-connected students and their families. 























NCISD Purple Star Campuses Recognized at Nov. 13 Board Meeting

On November 13, the Board of Trustees recognized New Caney ISD campuses Crippen Elementary, Keefer Crossing Middle School, Kings Manor Elementary, New Caney High School, West Fork High School, White Oak Middle School, and Woodridge Forest Middle School for receiving the Purple Star Campus Designation from the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

The Purple Star Campus Designation recognizes and honors districts that show their support and meet the unique needs of military-connected students and their families. This designation, which started in 2020, is designed to aid military-connected students in the challenges they may face during their transition to a new school, focusing on their educational and social-emotional needs. 

“Purple Star is an opportunity for us to make military-connected students feel visible on campus,” Former White Oak Middle School Liaison Justin Littlejohn said. “I, myself, am military-connected, and I’ve seen first hand what deployments can do. I think it's extremely important for people to understand the effects that it can have on a kid, and that the kid understands that there is a community of people that are there to support them.” 

To receive a Purple Star designation, campuses must meet the criteria set forth by TEA, which includes designating a liaison, creating an easily accessible webpage, creating a campus transition program for military-connected students that includes an organized introduction to the campus and student-leadership within the program, and providing an ongoing show of support for military-connected students through events or opportunities at the campus. 






















Title 1 Coordinator Cypris Potts Speaking at the Nov. 13 Board Meeting

In New Caney ISD, we have over 1,000 military-connected students across the district who are able to connect with other students on campuses through the events hosted by the liaisons. Over the last school year, NCISD campuses have hosted Veteran’s Day ceremonies, celebrated Military Child Month, and participated in celebrations such as Wreaths Across America Day and Texas Military Heroes Day. 

With each event, students are able to connect in new ways. When asked what aspect of the Purple Star designation has had the greatest impact, Keefer Crossing Middle School Liaison Doug Ortner said, “the camaraderie between the other military kids that would never have understood each other or been identified. When we have small events, [they learn] that they are connected in this way that they would never have had any idea about.” 






















Bens Branch Elementary Students Participate in Veterans Parade

Many of the NCISD campuses strive to build that camaraderie between students and hope to expand the support to incoming military-connected kids through the Purple Star designation. As a Purple Star recipient, campuses are awarded an official recognition letter from the TEA commissioner, along with a Purple Star logo that they can customize and post on their platforms. Campuses also receive a searchable identification, which allows military families to easily find Purple Star campuses and ensure that their children will receive the support they need.

Ultimately, the Purple Star Designation allows students and families to find a community. When asked about her goal for  the Purple Star Designation, Title 1 Coordinator Cypris Potts said, “I hope that these students feel that they always have a community in their peers, their staff, and their campuses to fall back on. I hope the community recognizes this as one more way New Caney ISD tries to welcome them.”














































Crippen Elementary Hosts Breakfast for Military-Connected Families

Currently, New Caney ISD is the only district in Region 6 to receive the Purple Star distinction. 

“New Caney ISD has always served military-connected families with greatness,” Region 6 Education Specialist Albert Archuleta said. “But now, with seven campuses awarded the prestigious Purple Star Campus Designation, transitioning military families will recognize this and know that New Caney ISD deeply appreciates and welcomes all military-connected families. New Caney ISD is our first ever to have the Purple Star Campus Designation in Region 6, and we are super excited about all the things New Caney ISD is doing to serve military-connected families and students.”