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New NCISD Teachers Describe How it Feels to Start the 2023-24 School Year

We sat down with some of our new teachers as they attended the NCISD New Teacher Orientation to discuss their hopes for the 2023-24 school year. 


Last week, our new NCISD teachers attended the New Teacher Orientation, where they met with district leaders, spoke to vendors, won prizes, and learned all about the New Caney ISD culture. During their busy week, several of our new hires sat down with us to discuss how they are feeling about the new school year. Here’s what they had to say:


Claudia Breiter 
Porter High School, Spanish

"I'm ready for this new school year because I think this is an exciting time to be a learner as a student and teacher. I am looking forward to all my plans to teach Spanish and Spanish culture to my new students in New Caney ISD."








Sharia Hollins

Valley Ranch Elementary, Third Grade

"This will be my fifth year teaching. I'm super excited about teaching the kids, and the start of a new year at a new school." 









Madison Wiggins
Woodridge Forest Middle School, Sixth Grade Math

"I'm super ready to start a new school year." 








Isaac Tobias
Dogwood Elementary, Fifth Grade Dual Language Science

"I feel good. I'm a first year teacher, so I feel good about it. I've heard excellent things about the staff and administration." 









Lauren Mulacek
White Oak Middle School, Theatre Arts

"I'm super excited for my first year, and to get to know the students and create some art!" 









Sabrina Pollard
Kings Manor Elementary, Inclusion

"I'm ready to work with kids and help them learn." 









Jordan Harris
White Oak Middle School, In-Class Support Teacher

"This is my eighth year teaching. I did seven years at Livingston ISD and I'm thrilled to be part of this New Caney ISD team. I'm ready and excited for this school year." 









Baylee Dunn
Valley Ranch Elementary, Resource Teacher

"I am ready to start this year. It will be my first year teaching and I can't wait to see the kids and teach them everything I can." 









Allison Melvin
New Caney High School, Health Science

"I'm definitely excited to explore the world of education because this is my first year teaching." 









Dillon Constantino
Pine Valley Middle School, Inclusion Teacher

"The thing I'm most excited about this year is being able to make an impact in student's lives and help them feel just like every other student." 









Haley Skinner
Sorters Mill Elementary, Second Grade 

"I'm really eager to meet the students, start teaching elementary, and get involved on campus." 









Konner Wallace
Pine Valley Middle School, Sixth Grade World Cultures

"The thing I'm excited for this year is really being able to mentor, teach, train, and coach the students. I think this is a privilege few get to experience, and it's a really awesome opportunity to grow the future generation." 









Emily Allen
Keefer Crossing Middle School, Theatre Arts

"I'm feeling really good about this new school year."