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We Asked NCISD Assistant Principals, “What is the Best Part of Your Job?”

National Assistant Principals Week is a celebration of assistant principals across the country. From motivating students to supporting their staff, New Caney ISD assistant principals work tirelessly to cultivate a positive learning environment. 

To honor our assistant principals, we asked them to describe the best part of their job. Read what these dedicated individuals had to say about their favorite part of working as an assistant principal in New Caney ISD!



“I love working with teachers, students, and parents.  I want to make a positive impact on an entire campus. Every day is new, different, and challenging.”

Kyle Whileyman, Tavola Elementary


“Interacting with and getting to know what incredible students we have.  Not only academically, but also as amazing individuals!”

Bethanie Wheeler, New Caney High School  

“Working with our students and seeing them grow no matter how big or small”

Denise Roberts-Magee, The Learning Center


“My favorite part of being an AP is building relationships with staff and students. By building relationships, you can watch the growth of staff and students and celebrate milestones together.”

Terri Trout, Valley Ranch Elementary School


“I am able to make meaningful connections with staff and students. I am blessed with a daily opportunity to encourage, motivate, and inspire others.”

Erica Sykes, Infinity Early College High School


“I love making a difference in a child's life. When a child has a "lightbulb" moment, it turns it around for the good.”

Janeice Chambers, Oakley Elementary


“Working with students to help them understand the importance that education has in their lives”

David Saul, Woodridge Forest Middle School

“Building relationships with staff, parents, but most importantly students.”

Gipsy Leal, Sorters Mill Elementary

“Attending events my students are involved in. Watching how their hard work pays off and the passion they have for what they do; it's priceless.”

Zina Robinson, Porter High School

“My favorite part of my job is that there is not one day that is the same. Everyday is a new learning experience and a new adventure.”

Grace Lara, Woodridge Forest Middle School


“Having the opportunity to see students and teachers grow.”

Corey Perkins, West Fork High School 

“I love getting to work with students that require more behavioral support. Building relationships with these kiddos and then seeing their behavior transform is truly amazing!”

Ruth Ann Anderson, Bens Branch Elementary

“When I see students being successful as a result of support provided through partnerships between teachers, staff and families.”

Chandra Torres, Pine Valley Middle School

“Building relationships with the students and watching them learn who they are as individuals.”

Jennifer Petross, Keefer Crossing Middle School

“As an assistant principal, my role goes beyond just supporting teachers. It's a chance for me to make a real impact in the lives of students and families. I take this role seriously because I believe every person deserves someone who cares about them and their education. With my position, I have the power to inspire and motivate students to reach their full potential. Let's work together to make a lasting impression on these kids and create a brighter future for everyone.”

Julie Knollenberg, Oakley Elementary