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Pine Valley Middle School Nurse Saves a Stranger's Life!

TO: Dr. Holly Ray 

FROM: Sergeant Josh DeVore 

DATE: March 22, 202

RE: Letter of Commendation for Registered Nurse Jessica Williams 

Dr. Ray

My name is Josh DeVore and I am one of the night's Patrol Sergeants for the Anna Police Department in Anna, TX. I wanted to take a minute and put into writing, in the form of this official Letter of Commendation, my gratitude and thanks to your school nurse, RN Jessica Williams

I was out on vacation last week and when I returned to work, I was briefed by my Corporal of some events that occurred while I was away. On the night of March 17, 2022, around 9:56 PM, officers responded to reports of a Passed Out Subject at Loves Travel Mart. While en route to the location, they received updated comments advising that the male subject was unresponsive, breathing shallowly, and was beginning to turn blue. Further additional comments advised that CPR instructions were now being given and CPR was in progress

Officers arrived on the scene a short time later where they observed an unresponsive male on the ground with a female bystander administering chest compressions. The female was soon identified as your school nurse, RN Jessica Williams. After quickly trying to obtain some information and checking for a pulse, officers briefly relieved Jessica and began providing compressions. Jessica quickly identified herself as a nurse and advised that she was okay and asked officers if they had NARCAN. Jessica took over doing compressions again while an officer rushed back to his patrol car to retrieve his department-issued NARCAN. The officer then returned and administered the single dose of NARCAN as Jessica continued compressions

Other responding officers soon arrived, along with the Anna Fire Department. Anna FD soon took over patient care. Within a few minutes of FD arrival, the 19-year-old male who was not breathing and did not have a pulse upon the officers' arrival, was now awake, responsive, and was even able to soon walk himself over to the ambulance stretcher. The male was then transported by ambulance to the hospital

Paramedics advised that the male's pupils were in fact pinpoints, which is a sign of opiate usage, and soon advised officers on location that the male had stated that he had consumed opiates

It is my profound belief, due to my training and experience, not just in 14 years of law enforcement but also in my 17 years of Fire/EMS, that without the quick thinking and actions of Jessica, who just happened to be on scene passing through with her family, who started CPR as soon as she observed the signs that the male was no longer breathing and had no pulse, and then officers arriving and soon administering NARCAN, that the 19-year-old male would have surely passed away in his vehicle, in the Loves parking lot due to overdosing on opiates

I again want to express my gratitude for the actions that Jessica took that, without a doubt, helped in saving this young man's life

A big JOB WELL DONE to RN Jessica Williams! You should be proud and reassured that the health and safety of your students and faculty on your campus are in good hands with such a wonderful and capable nurse

Please take a moment to thank her for me and please place a copy of this letter in her personnel file. She has more than earned it.