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2020 EMC Fair Results for NCISD Students

New Caney ISD students participated in the recent East Montgomery County Fair in livestock categories such as lamb, goat, pig, steer, and chicken. Students also participated in non livestock categories such as art and food. 


2020 EMC Fair Results:


New Caney FFA Students:


Savannah Moore - Reserve Champion Canned Goods

Shelbi Loving won Senior Swine Showmanship

Kale Sustaire won Junior Steer Showmanship


Tristan Gage - Reserve Champion Steer

Kale Sustaire -3rd Place Steer

Kamlyn Wise - 4th place Steer

Shelbi Loving - 7th place Steer

London Johnson - 8th place Steer


Brittany Turner - 3rd Place Rabbit

Savannah Moore -10th Place Rabbit


Tyler Scott - 3rd Place Broiler

Tatum Oncale - 6th Place Broiler


Corrigan Beird - 7th Swine

Shelbi Loving - 11th Swine

Brooke Pickens - 12th Swine

Aniston Mills - 17th Swine

Carson Eddins - 19th Swine

Lainey Lyles - 21st Swine

Jerry Stuard - 27th Swine

JT Howard - 32nd Swine

Kye Holba - 34th Swine

Jordyn Maddux - 39th Swine

Jack Nolan - 42nd Swine

Brittany Turner - 44th Swine


London Johnson - 5th Goat

Emalle Obenhaus - 8th Goat

Tristan Gage - 9th Goat 

Kye Holba - 11th Goat

Skylar Scott - 17th Goat


Molly Galan - 10th Lamb

Cade Thomas - 11th Lamb

Alexis Krolczyk - 12th Lamb

Skylar Scott - 16th Lamb

Aniston Mills - 18th Lamb


Porter FFA EMC Fair Results


Grand Champion Swine - Colton (Cash) Lortz Porter FFA 

Reserve Grand Champion Swine - Austin Benge Porter Jr FFA

Kylee Wright Porter FFA - 14th Swine

Riley Wright Porter FFA - 24th Swine 

Haydin Johnson Porter Jr FFA - 28th Swine 

Hunter Lee Johnson Porter FFA - 29th Swine 

Charles Hankins Jr Porter FFA - 30th Swine

Kendall Gerfers Porter FFA - 31st Swine 

Keira Benge Porter Jr FFA - 40th Swine 


Dusti Verron Porter Jr FFA - 5th Broiler


Nevaeh Moszkowicz Porter Jr FFA - 8th Rabbit


Logan Navarro Porter FFA - 7th Lamb


Logan Navarro Porter FFA - 18th Goat




Katelyn Curry Porter FFA - Grand Champion Fine Arts 

Keira Benge Porter FFA - Grand Champion Cookie

Hunter Johnson Porter FFA - Grand Champion Horticulture

Cash Lortz Porter FFA - Grand Champion Reserve Pie

Dustin Atkinson Porter FFA - Grand Champion Reserve Horticulture

Jace Butzke Porter FFA - Grand Champion Reserve Fine Arts

Savannah Rhoden Porter FFA - Grand Champion Reserve Cake 

Katelyn Curry Porter FFA - Grand Champion Reserve Horticulture