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Woodridge Forest Middle School Teacher of the Year

Woodridge Forest Middle School Teacher of the Year
Gabe Cancino
  Gabe Cancino
  20 years experience
  Sam Houston State University
  Bachelors of Music
Why did you choose education as your career?
I grew up in a tough neighborhood where many of my childhood friends did not "make it."  Being in the band gave me the opportunity to succeed in life.  I want to provide that opportunity to other students.
What is your key to success in the classroom?
I feel I am able to connect with students on a personal and relevant level.
How do you engage students?
I engage my students by trying to have a sincere enthusiasm about being in the band and performing music at a high level.  I truly want students to be able to experience the joy and excitement about being in band like I did when I was their age.
What do you love about teaching?
I love when a student's hard work and practice pays off - when a student realizes that they are a musician.