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Keefer Crossing Middle School Teacher of the Year

Keefer Crossing Middle School Teacher of the Year
Tiffani Walls
  Tiffani Walls
  7th Grade Science
  8 years experience
  Texas Tech University
  Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies
Why did you choose education as your career?
Teaching is my calling and is the only thing I have ever wanted to do.  Being around kids fulfills me and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.
What is your key to success in the classroom?
I am consistent and make sure that every day my students come into my room they know what to do.  I develop a level of trust with my students by letting them know I am here for them and that they can open up to me.  I try to find a way to relate to each of my students and remind myself they are middle schoolers and they are going to make mistakes.  I also take an interest in their lives by going to their events outside of school.  I show them I care not just about them in the classroom because it’s my job, but because I really do care about each and every one of them.
How do you engage students?
I engage my students by making learning as fun as possible.  I love hands-on activities. I try to incorporate as much of that as possible in the classroom so they don’t realize they are learning and think they are just having fun.  By showing them leaning can be fun, I hope to develop a class that they look forward to.
What do you love about teaching?
The thing I love most about teaching is the way kids look up to me.  Some of them come to school defeated and we are the only stable things in their lives.  I enjoy being a role model and being the person that believes in them even when they don’t believe in themselves.  Pushing them and making learning fun is something that I strive for every day and when I see a kid light up when they see me or when I see a light bulb go off because I have taught them something they didn’t know before I know I have succeeded.