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National Police Appreciation Week

National Police Appreciation Week 
T.J. Moore
  Officer T.J. Moore
  Woodridge Forest Middle School
How many years of experience do you have in law enforcement?
I have 3 years with NCISD and 30 years with the Harris County Constable Office Pct. #4 as a patrol sergeant for a total of 33 years. My grandfather was Constable of Panola County in East Texas and my uncle was a sergeant with the Carthage Police Department.

Why did you choose this career?
I wanted to be a police officer since I was five years old and I enjoy helping people especially our students within the school district
What training have you had in law enforcement?
I have a wide variety of training. I am a certified Hostage Negotiator, HGN Certified, Certified as a Gang/Cult investigator, Licensed Master Peace Officer, Field Training Supervisor and TCOLE Instructor.
What is your background?
I graduated from UHD Criminal Justice Center and I was an EMT with special skills in airway management, IV therapy, Asst. Health and Safety Coordinator with the Harris County Flood Control District. 
Please share a humorous story you’ve had in your job.
One day I was dispatched to an auto/house.  When I arrived, the person driving the vehicle was intoxicated and was being treated by EMS personnel. I asked the driver why he ran into the house and he replied "I didn't see it coming".
What are your future plans?
My goal is to stay with NCISD until I retire.