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National Police Appreciation Week

 National Police Appreciation Week
Jason Potter
  Officer Jason Potter
  Night Patrol
How many years of experience do you have in law enforcement?
I have four years of experience in law enforcement.
Why did you choose this career?
Law enforcement runs in the family (father, brother, uncles, etc.)
What training in law enforcement do you have?
TCOLE Continuing Education:  ALERRT, Terrorism Response, Defensive Tactics, Child Safety, Canine Encounter, Human Trafficking, Missing and Exploited Children, First Aid, EMT and ECA

What is your background?
I attended Southwestern University and Lone Star Police Academy
Please share a humorous story you’ve had in your job.
On my last day with my field training officer when I wasn’t looking, he put a plastic bottle in my outside door handle of my patrol vehicle.  I couldn’t open it from the inside.  I had to climb out the driver side window. Everyone laughed.
What are your future plans
 I'd really like to win the Texas Lotto and move to Hawaii.