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Robert L. Crippen Elementary Earns Membership to No Excuses University Network of Schools

May 15, 2017 | Academically Prepared | Robert L. Crippen Elementary School has earned membership to the No Excuses University, a network of schools dedicated to preparing students for college. Crippen Elementary earned the recognition by demonstrating a commitment to college readiness and through efforts to ensure all children meet standards in reading, writing and math, no matter their challenges.
Crippen Elementary Principal Crystal Mayes introduced the No Excuses program to her staff almost three years ago.
“Three summers ago, we read the No Excuses University book and came together as a staff to write our goals," Mayes said. "The staff and I believe that all Crippen Astronauts will display stellar citizenship and be at or above grade level in all academic subjects."
The No Excuses University Network of Schools was founded 10 years ago. This endeavor helps to build a bridge for all students to attend college as it begins promoting a comprehensive college readiness model starting in pre-kindergarten. There are now hundreds of schools participating as part of the No Excuses University revolution. To date this work, which is now influencing the lives of more than 130,000 students in eighteen states, has received national attention and has been featured in numerous television and newspaper stories.
“We are proud to partner with Robert L. Crippen Elementary," Vice President of No Excuses University Frank Nardelli said. "We are inspired by the school’s commitment to college readiness and we respect their relentless pursuit of success for all of their students. We believe all children deserve the opportunity to be educated in a way that prepares them for college if they so choose to attend. We believe all children can be academically successful. Most importantly, we believe the Robert L. Crippen Elementary has the POWER to make this dream a reality.”
The NEU Network of Schools is made up of schools that choose to apply for official NEU status as part of their desire to be a part of a movement far bigger than what might take place on their campus alone.
“We are proud of the work that Robert L. Crippen Elementary School has done in creating an environment in which students not only think about what comes after high school but begin to intentionally plan for and work toward a future of lifelong learning," Superintendent Kenn Franklin said. "We look forward to great things from the school’s participation in the No Excuses University network and its efforts to make college a reality for students.”
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