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Crippen Elementary Teacher of the Year

Crippen Elementary Teacher of the Year
Mayra Andrade
  Mayra Andrade
  5th Grade Spanish Dual Language Math, Science and Social Studies
  7 years of experience
  University of Houston
  Bachelor of Art in Interdisciplinary Studies 
Why did you choose education as your career?
I love learning; I loved school when I was a little girl. I went to school to learn, and I was ready to learn because I felt 
loved and secure. I know other children did not feel that way, so I decided to become a teacher to change that. I want to teach them, and I want them to feel loved and appreciated. I want to be that person who greets them every day with a smile.  I want to become a positive role model in their lives, while treating them with kindness and respect. I want them to love school.
What is your key to success in the classroom?
The key to success in my classroom is to respect the students and form a strong relationship with their parents. It is 
extremely important for the students to feel their teachers and parents are a team working for them. I am always available for my students, as well as their parents.
How do you engage your students?
In order to engage students, I take into account my students’ different learning styles when I prepare my lessons and 
activities. I always include manipulatives, realia, books, games, technology, and songs/dance. If the students enjoy the 
activities, they will learn.
What do you love about teaching?
Every day is an adventure in the classroom. I love to guide my students and let them discover patterns and ways to solve problems on their own.  I enjoy learning from my students, they come up with answers that blow my mind. Teaching is my life, my passion.