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Sorters Mill Elementary Teacher of the Year

Sorters Mill Elementary Teacher of the Year 
Rene Teater
  Rene Teater 
  18 years of experience
  Southwestern Assemblies of God University 
  University of Arkansas at Monticello
  Bachelor of Science and Master of Education 
Why did you choose education as your career?
I chose my career early in life when I was in fourth grade and I never wavered from that choice. I had an amazing fourth grade teacher that really connected with me and made learning. Furthermore, I have always felt called by God to impact the lives of children in an important way.
What is your key to success in the classroom?
The key to my success in the classroom is connecting with students. I aim to build relationships with my students and their families in order to build trust and openness. My students know that I care about them as individuals in all areas of their lives.
How do you engage your students?
I  engage students through relationships.  From the time I meet my students on the first day of school, I pay attention to the things they say and do in order to find a connection that I can build upon.  Once we have that connection, they are eager to participate in the learning and activities happening in the classroom.
What do you love about teaching?
What I love the most about teaching is the kids and the ability to influence the next generation. They are the reason I look forward to coming to work every day. At the end of each day, when I am evaluating my day, the question I always ask myself is whether or not I made a difference for one child. I strive to always be able to answer that question with a yes.