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New Caney ISD recognizes the importance of Fine Arts

New Caney ISD recognizes the importance of Fine Arts


March 22, 2017 | Academically Prepared | In homes across the world, colorful pieces of artwork are proudly displayed on refrigerator doors.  These imaginative projects were carefully created and meticulously colored before being presented to an adoring parent.  No doubt, a child’s artwork is a treasure for parents.  However, research proves that the process of creating that piece of art provides young learners with valuable skills that will last them throughout their lifetimes.


New Caney ISD understands the importance of the arts and seeks to provide for all students a high quality fine arts education. Our district offers a performing and visual arts curriculum that provides courses in elementary music and art as well as secondary courses in art, band, choir, orchestra, dance and theater. 


Education and engagement in the arts are an essential part of the school curriculum and an important component in the educational program for students. According to Learning Liftoff, here are ten ways that fine arts helps students learn and grow.


10 Reasons Why Arts in Education Is So Important for Kids


1. Creativity.  If children have practice thinking creatively, it will come naturally to them now and in their future careers.

Jazmin Sanchez
   Art allows me to be creative because I get to express
   myself and be different from everyone else.”
   Jazmin Sanchez, Keefer Crossing Middle School

2. Improved Academic Performance.  Skills that students learn from fine arts spill over into academic achievement.   

 Timothy Moore
   “Music makes me work harder and gives me a better work ethic. 
   This work ethic translates into my academics.”

   Timothy Moore, Porter High School

3. Motor Skills.  Simple skills like holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon are an important element in developing a child’s fine motor skills.
Sariyah Fontenot
   “Since I’ve been in art, I can cut better with scissors and I can
   use colors better.  Art makes me happy.”

   Sariyah Fontenot, Valley Ranch Elementary


4. Confidence. Participating in fine arts helps a student step outside their comfort zone.  As they improve with their new skill, their self-confidence will grow.


Kenzie Scanlon

   “Music is my favorite subject. When I perform a piece of music
   and it sounds great to me, I feel proud and confident.”

   Kenzie Scanlon, Oakley Elementary


5. Visual Learning.  A fine arts education teaches students how to interpret, criticize and use visual information to make wise choices.


Megan Ferrell

   “Because of theater, I have to look for more aspects of how
   things are. This helps me understand literature because
   I can now recognize an author’s point of view.”

   Megan Ferrell, New Caney High School


6. Decision Making.  The arts strengthen problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Kennedy Bonsal

   “In art we’re making decisions on our own about how our art will look. 
   It’s really our first time to make decisions using our perspective without
   people telling us what to do.”

   Kennedy Bonsal, Porter High School


7. Perseverance. In each area of fine arts, students realize the value of not giving up when they are faced with difficult challenges.  This mindset will certainly matter as they become adults who must continually develop new skills and work through difficult projects.


Anthony Key

   “I always try my hardest and give choir all I have because I love singing. 
   When I mess up, I fix my mistake and make the song better.”

   Anthony Key, New Caney Middle School


8. Focus. As students persevere through art, music, theater or dance, focus is imperative.  Being able to focus is a skill that will continue to be part of their lives.


Jazmin Del Angel

   “I feel orchestra helps me to focus because it gives me something for my brain to grasp. 
   Music is an emotion for me and I express my emotions through my music. I'd be
   nothing without my cello."

   Jazmin Del Angel, New Caney High School


9. Collaboration. Many of the arts such as band, choir, orchestra, theater and dance require students to work together.  Learning to work together is challenging but rewarding when there is success.


Helen Berrones

   “In dance, we use everybody’s different skills and techniques to
   collaborate and create one astonishing performance.”

   Helen Berrones, Porter High School


10. Accountability.  Just like collaboration, students in fine arts eventually realize they must be responsible for their contributions to the group.  Mistakes will be made.  But mistakes are part of life, and learning to accept them, fix them and move on are valuable life lessons.


Carrie Hudman

   “In band you can let the whole group down by something as simple as
   not bringing your black socks to a performance or coming late. When
   that happens, you realize little things do matter to the whole picture.”

   Carrie Hudman, New Caney High School