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Porter DECA earns accolades

Porter DECA earns accolades 
Porter DECA February 14, 2017 | Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills |While DECA District 4 competition was a month ago, there has been a lot going on for the Porter DECA group. On top of advancing 15 students to the Texas DECA Career Development Conference, Porter DECA has earned a few more accolades over the past month.
For starters DECA was named Thrive Level for their Membership and Chapter Campaigns. Earning Thrive Level is a huge achievement, as it requires a lot of time and effort from the members to reach this level of honors. On top of being recognized at District and State competition, being Thrive Level also has earned Porter DECA six seats at the DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in April, which will be held in Anaheim, CA.
Porter Armory Most recently, Porter DECA's store, The Armory, earned Gold Certification. Viraj Bhakta and Ammar Naeem spearheaded the effort, which required the duo to write a 30+ page paper over the store covering a wide variety of topics. On top of being named a Gold Certified School Based Enterprise (Just one of 19 in the entire state of Texas), Bhakta and Naeem will have the opportunity to represent Porter DECA and The Armory at DECA's School Based Enterprise (SBE) Academy, and then compete against some of the best SBE's in the world.
As it sits now, Porter DECA has earned a school record eight seats at ICDC, and with state competition next week, the number is expected to grow. One of our groups that will be presenting next week at state competition is selling blue wristbands that say "Holley's Hope", as we look to raise money for pediatric cancer research. These wristbands are just $1 each and are available at The Armory.
If you see a DECA member, please congratulate them on their hard work, and wish them good luck as we continue through the year.
Those that are competing at the Texas DECA CDC are:
Community Service Project: Nate Ralph, Brandon Tong, Jacob Spurgers
Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling: Viraj Bhakta
Accounting Applications: Ammar Naeem
Principles of Marketing: Juan Muchaca
Travel & Tourism Team Decision Making: Jesus Del Real & Diana Martinez
Marketing Management Team Decision Making: Yeris Talavera & Noyotzin Flores
Sports & Entertainment Team Decision Making: Daniel Muniz
Principles of Hospitality: Gabriela Romero
Fashion & Merchandising Promotion Plan: Ashley Smart & Marissa Siebertz
Professional Selling Event: Brooke Spears