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Capt. Robert L. Crippen visits Crippen Elementary for campus 20th anniversary celebration


Capt. Robert L. Crippen visits Crippen Elementary for

campus 20th anniversary celebration


February 9, 2017 | Responsible Citizens | Crippen Elementary School celebrated its 20th anniversary as a campus Feb. 8 with a visit from Capt. Robert L. Crippen, the astronaut and New Caney High School graduate the campus is named after.

Crippen attended the opening day ceremony of the school in 1997 and returned for the 20th anniversary celebration held by the campus staff, students and New Caney ISD.

Crippen addressed the students encouraging them to dream big and set goals in their life. He also described the process of taking off in the Space Shuttle from the launch pad, to lift off, and experiencing the weightlessness of outer space.

After his speech, Crippen was given a commemorative book with letters and pictures from the students, a shadow box display case that included the limited edition G.I. Joe Classic Collection Doll which featured Crippen as a Space Shuttle astronaut, and the Distinguished Graduate Award from New Caney ISD.

Following the awards ceremony, Crippen toured the school where he saw some of the student’s work on display and the Where in the World is Robert Crippen photo gallery. The gallery features photos of his G.I. Joe doll in various locations around the world where the doll was taken by Crippen Elementary staff during vacations and trips. Some of the places included Niagra Falls and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Crippen later attended a reception in the campus library where he enjoyed refreshments and took pictures with staff, family and friends. The event was also attended by some of Crippen’s classmates from the 1955 Senior Class of New Caney High School.

New Caney ISD thanks Capt. Crippen for visiting our students and for his service to our nation in the space program.