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Entergy Texas recognizes New Caney ISD for energy savings success


Entergy Texas recognizes New Caney ISD for energy savings success


Paul Batchelder January 18, 2017 — | Thinking Innovatively | The New Caney Independent School District recently received recognition as an outstanding partner in Entergy Texas’ pilot Resource Management Services (RMS) energy savings measure offered through the Entergy Solutions Energy Efficiency Program.  

Paul Batchelder, New Caney ISD’s Energy and Safety Manager, accepted an award on behalf of the district from Energy Solutions Jan. 16 during the NCISD Board of Trustees meeting for the district’s work in reducing energy usage and cost savings.

The Resource Management Services energy conservation measure helps organizations save energy and money by providing no-cost operational and behavioral improvement recommendations. These include after hours and break period facility shutdown procedures, scheduling consolidation strategies, and device management recommendations for classroom and office equipment.

NCISD was selected to participate in the RMS measure’s pilot year because of their well established and highly successful energy efficiency program. Their program was initiated in September 2010 and has saved the district $4.9 million in avoided energy costs to date. Joining the RMS measure offered by Entergy Texas’ Entergy Solutions program in its first year, the district was able to continue this trend and saved an additional 18 kilowatts.

The district is on track to achieve significantly higher savings this year and aims to be a good steward of its energy usage and the district’s budget.

“The RMS program has added value to the New Caney ISD energy program,” said Batchelder. “As an energy manager, I am able to add a layer of accountability from professionals that understand what energy conservation is and the challenges that go along with striving to become more efficient. This provides an objective verification to results that I report on which is crucial to the integrity of the message.”