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Aikin staff say goodbye to old elementary in NCISD

Aikin staff say goodbye to old elementary in NCISD



Elementary 10 June 27, 2016 | While New Caney Independent School District celebrates the arrival of new facilities, renovations and upgrades, the district is saying goodbye to one campus whose halls were traversed by many generations of students and staff.


At the regular board meeting in May, New Caney ISD director of facility planning and construction, Richard Gates, announced the demolition of Aikin Elementary School was completed, making way for the new Elementary School 10.


Tavola Elementary School principal, Trina Persson was previously the Aikin Elementary School principal: a position she held for five years. Her time spent at Aikin had a lasting impact she carries with her still.


“Aikin was a campus that had been there for many years when I arrived as principal in 2010,” Persson said. “Although there were traditions from times past, I knew there were still new memories to make.


“Some of my favorite events at Aikin were the times that the entire community came out to celebrate our students. Some of these events were ones that had been held in the past, but looked different as our school changed and some of the events were new traditions that we carry with us to Tavola. Events like Dual Language Showcase and our Annual International Festival are two of my favorite traditions from Aikin. The Annual International Festival incorporated every single classroom. Students learned about countries across our world and participated in project-based learning to showcase their newly acquired knowledge.”


To some, much of Aikin’s charm was its atmosphere.


“Aikin’s location was unique in that it was nestled in a cozy spot in the woods,” Trina Persson, former principal at Aikin Elementary, said. “The playground was sprinkled with large trees that shaded the play area for students. This is something you don’t often see.”


Bonnie Burnam worked at Aikin for 25 years and was one of the staff who transferred to Tavola with Persson.


“I miss the feel that it had if that makes sense,” Burnam said. “The building was relatively small and there was a nice sense of closeness.”


Work has begun on the sub-surface foundation and development of the building pad for Elementary School 10. The project is approximately 5 percent complete and is on schedule to finish in summer 2017.


Kerry Hamilton, the principal of Sorters Mill Elementary, has been chosen to be the first principal at the new elementary school 10.


This decision was approved at the New Caney ISD regular board meeting Monday, June 20, along with the assignment of new principals to multiple New Caney ISD schools. Most of the new principals are from within the district and include Sheri Bonsal for Porter Elementary School, Everett Simons for White Oak Middle School and Bridgett Heine for Woodridge Forest Middle School.


Hollie Hanks will replace Hamilton as principal of Sorters Mill Elementary School. Hanks comes to New Caney ISD from Dayton ISD where she was principal at Richter Elementary School.


“It is awesome that we have so many promotions from within and how many people have moved up in this district,” Curt Joslin, New Caney ISD board president, said. “We’re glad to get good principals from other places and we’re glad to promote from within the district. Congratulations to you all.”


As a former principal of Aikin Elementary School, Persson explained that while the replacement of the old campus is bittersweet for many, it indicates that New Caney ISD continues to blossom and make improvements to better serve its students and faculty.


“Many memories were made at Aikin,” Persson said. “However, we are a growing district and that is exciting. A new building will bring new opportunities for our students and make the learning environment more equitable for students across the district.”


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