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Bens Branch Elementary hosts Manners Banquet

Bens Branch Elementary hosts Manners Banquet  
March 9, 2016 | Responsible Citizens | Students at Bens Branch Elementary School attended the annual Manners Banquet March 4, 2016.
After learning about proper table manners, all 5th Grade students sat down to a meal served by Porter High School Culinary Arts students. The Bens Branch Elementary students practiced proper dining techniques while engaging in conversation with each other and adult staff who instructed them on fine dining practices. An adult or two were placed at each table to help instruct the students and carry on in dinner conversation. 
The students enjoyed salad, entree and a dessert as part of their meal. The PHS Culinary Arts students practiced serving and tending to the elementary students while they ate their meal.
 For individual photos of all students at the banquet, visit this link: