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Internet Safety Presentation offers tips for students to be safe online

Internet Safety Presentation offers tips for students to be safe online

Sgt. Dara Bowlin February 18, 2016 | Responsible Citizens | New Caney ISD hosted an Internet Safety Presentation Feb. 18 at several campus locations to teach students how to be safe on the Internet.

The event featured guest speaker Dara Bowlin, of the Texas Office of Attorney General Criminal Investigations Unit. She spoke to students at New Caney High School, Porter High School, and Woodridge Forest Middle School about the dangers of irresponsible online behavior and how those actions can impact them for the rest of their lives.

She discussed the following five main topics with students:

• Inappropriate Content - Things students shouldn’t see or post online including pornography, excessive violence and hate speech. She noted that these items could be viewed by future potential employers causing them to not get hired.

• Online Privacy - The protection of teen’s personal information such as passwords, phone numbers, and home addresses.

• Sexting - The use of cell phones to send sexual messages, pictures and videos. These items, once created, can never be completely deleted and can be shared with thousands of people.

• Online Sexual Solicitations - Unwanted requests to engage in sexual activities or talk, or any sexual request by an adult.

• Cyberbullying - The use of Internet technology or mobile technology, such as cell phones, to bully someone.

Bowlin offered three main points for students to remember when they are offline and online:

  1. “Never post anything that you are not comfortable with the entire world seeing.”

  1. “If something gets out like a photo and into the wrong hands, there is no magic delete button to completely get rid of it.”

  1. “Never meet anyone offline that you don’t know.”

Bowlin also spoke at a fourth special presentation later that evening at the Community Room at Texan Drive Stadium.

The PowerPoint presentation that the students viewed is available for review below.