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Baltimore Ravens chaplain visits Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Baltimore Ravens chaplain visits Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Baltimore Ravens Chaplain Johnny Shelton February 8, 2016 | Responsible Citizens | Johnny Shelton, team chaplain and life coach for the Baltimore Ravens, recently visited New Caney ISD to talk to students in Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Shelton visited both New Caney High School and Porter High School campuses Jan. 29 to talk with students about his experiences in the NFL, as a chaplain for the Baltimore Ravens, and his involvement with Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“It’s not common,” said Shelton about the position on the NFL team where he has served for the past three years. “Everyone in the organization is under my spiritual care.”

Shelton explained that because the players are constantly traveling, they are not able to attend church services. He said that he hosts chapel services on Sundays on game days for the players. He also offers individual Bible studies for the players and couples studies along with his wife Thlitha Shelton.

“Some guys are not Christians on the team but we still build relationships,” he said. “We are there for them and to offer guidance.”

Shelton was invited to speak to the students during their weekly Fellowship of Christian Athletes meetings during their lunch periods. He explained that he previously worked in corporate America before he entered into Christian ministry.

“I’ve been an athlete,” he said. “I played in the NFL for a little while. I started growing spiritually. I thought I would be a pastor of a church but I ended up being a sports pastor.”

He discussed how he was raised in church but walked away from God in college. He challenged students not to make the same mistakes that he did and to invest their time in the people around them such as their youth pastors and Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsors. He also encouraged them to learn from these individuals in order to live out their faith.

“God wants us to use our resources,” he said. “We can be a life that is pleasing for God as high school students right here and right now.”