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NCHS student creates East Texas Fire and Ice Festival video

NCHS student creates East Texas Fire and Ice Festival video



February 4, 2016 | Lifelong Learner | New Caney High School student Jonathan Dittman recently made a video for the East Texas Fire and Ice Festival. Dittman discussed why he made the video and his plans for a career in video production.

Why did you make the video?

I made the video as part of a competition held by the East Montgomery County Improvement District for a $500 scholarship. The competition was to create a video (less than 1 minute) that showcased the Fire and Ice Festival.

Are you in video classes at NCHS?

I have taken audio/video classes and journalism since my freshmen year. This year I have been enrolled in advanced audio video and advanced broadcast journalism. Although most of my skills are self-taught, I learn new things from the people around me all the time.

What did you think of the Fire and Ice Festival?

The Fire and Ice Festival was truly amazing. My favorite thing was that they brought "snow" to us! Living in Texas my whole life, snow is a very unique experience that I won't soon forget. Especially the snowball fights and "tubing" down the hill.

What kind of videos do you like to make?

I enjoy making all types of videos but my favorites have to be the ones where I am able to showcase my skills using special effects. Especially ones I am able to shoot with my friends and have a good time together.

What career will you pursue after graduation?

After graduation I hope to continue video work. I plan to gather a group of friends together and begin production of different video series and short films.

What other clubs and organizations do you participate in?

I am an president and editor for the local school news channel, Eagle Vision, as well as participating on camera. I am also a part of the Slackers, an organization of student leaders in the school that gather together to talk about upcoming events and to represent the student body as a direct line to the principal. I am apart of DECA, an organization for future entrepreneurs, students with a business mindset, and innovative plans. My friend Vincent Barrera and I recently competed in the district competition for the "Independent Business Plan" event and succeeded so soon we will be going to state.

I also play varsity tennis. The tennis team has quickly become like a family to me and we have all created bonds together that we hope to never break. The tennis team is one of the most supportive group of people I know. Probably because our coaches treat us as if we were their own kids.