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PHS TAFE competes at Teach Tomorrow Summit

PHS TAFE competes at Teach Tomorrow Summit




Feb. 2, 2016 | Yes Minded | The Porter High School Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE) competed at the TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit, which is the state TAFE conference and competition held at the University of Houston.


Sarah Reece won the TAFE Student of the Year award, a $1,000 TAFE scholarship, and a $1,000 University of Houston scholarship. Reece was nominated for this award by her advisor and another teacher. She was selected at the winner out of nine finalists. Reece received her award from Archie McAfee, executive director of Texas Association of Secondary School Principals. She will travel to Boston in June to speak at the national conference.


The PHS TAFE team performed well in other areas in the competition. Sandra Orsorio received a white ribbon for Chapter Yearbook, Alyssa Alaniz received sixth place in Lesson Planning: Arts, and Erica Trollope received 6th place in Lesson Planning: Humanities.


Other students who attended the event were: Haley Ulloa & Shannon Ralph, Researching Learning Disabilities; Marisol Rodriguez, Public Speaking; Erica Trollope, Sophia Stir & Melissa Marenco, Recruitment & Marketing; Sophia Stir, Exploring Non-Core Teaching Careers; and student volunteers Gisselle Lara, Lorena Mendoza and Yulissa Galvan, who facilitated competitive events.


PHS TAFE advisor Ashley Boothe was nominated for advisor of the year.  For this award, Boothe was one of three finalists out of 20 regions.


Congratulations PHS TAFE on all your hard work.