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2022-23 Changes to Car Rider PM Procedures

  • Car riders are loaded from the side of the cafeteria. Parents will need to drive to the end of Cumberland drive and U-turn to come back to the campus. Please do not block the front driveway as the buses will need to exit.

  • When driving onto campus to pick up your child, form two lines after you pass the electronic marquee. Once the two lanes have been formed, you may not change lanes.

  • Please pull close to the car in front of you and stay off your cell phone while in the car rider line.

  • If the group of cars at the cones directly in front of the gym have all students loaded, and your child has not come out, you will be asked to pull forward to by the gym. Your child will be brought to you. This will allow the line to keep moving so that we can get all of our students home in a timely manner.

  • All cars must have a campus-issued car rider tag.  These may be ordered in the front office.  If you need to order, get a replacement, or have duplicate tags made, you will need to complete a Car Tag Order Form located in the front office.  You must show a valid id in order to receive your car tag.

  • Students will not be released to cars without a correct car rider tag.  

  • We ask that you place this car rider tag on your rearview mirror so that it will be easy to locate and read. 

  • If someone attempts to pick up a student, and they do not have the correct car tag, they will be asked to go into the building to show proper identification before the student will be released to them.

  • In order to ensure the safety of all, we ask that parents not walk to the front doors or gym to collect their child.  Students will not be released in this manner.

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