About Junior FFA

    I am very excited to begin the Junior FFA/Pre-Ag Program at WFMS! With a rapidly growing school district and community, I am looking forward to all of the opportunities that our Pre-Ag program will bring. Junior FFA is the extracurricular organization associated with Pre-Agriculture. It is the beginning of a students' career path in Agricultural Education. 8th grade members will be considered "Discovery FFA members". It is recommended but not mandatory that students enrolled in Pre-Ag be a part of Jr. FFA. As a WFMS Jr. FFA member, students will be able to apply the skills they learn in the classroom to real world situations. This happens through a variety of ways; such as raising livestock projects, practicing leadership development or competing in judging contests. There is a yearly membership fee of $20 and members will be expected to attend monthly FFA meetings at Porter High School.

    Click here to read more on Jr. FFA: Texas FFA - Junior Membership

    Important Dates:
    Please check this page and the calender often to stay up to date on all upcoming FFA events!
       14th- Livestock Check-in for EMC 4:00PM-7:PM
        15th- Pig show- 6:00pm
        16th- 10:00am- Goat Show
                     12:00pm- Lamb Show
                  3:00pm Steer Show 
                  8:00pm- Youth Dance
        25th- 8:00am- Youth Cook Off 

     *** Last years FFA shirts are on sale for $5. Select sizes available***