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Responsive Services

The purpose of responsive services is to support students and offer support in their time of need. Responsive services can have three levels of school counselor response: prevention, remediation, and crisis. 


Prevention refers to the work of school counselors to ensure all students are educated and knowledgeable of competencies necessary to address troublesome circumstances before they become habitually problematic.  Preventive measures help reduce or eliminate the likelihood of those situations occurring again. 


School counselors engage in remediation once a challenging situation has taken place and the student needs assistance in resolving the problem.


During a crisis, the school counselor intercedes immediately in high risk situations that may greatly impact the student's personal, social, academic, or career development. 

Responsive services may include consultation with teachers, parents, and others who can assist the student with problematic issues.  Referral to community services outside of school may be provided as needed.