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Guidance Curriculum

The guidance curriculum is designed to systematically provide lessons to students that facilitate growth, development, and transferrable skills in the areas of education, career, personal, and social development.  Intrapersonal Effectiveness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Post-Secondary Education & Career Readiness, and Personal Health & Safety are content areas addressed through the guidance curriculum.


In elementary school, the focus is on building good citizens, personal health and safety, and developing the social emotional skills necessary to be successful academically.  This is where students take their first look at future careers and begin to hear about post-secondary opportunities. 

Middle School

In middle school, counselors continue to work on developing social emotional competency, good decision-making in regard to personal health and safety, planning academic pathways to graduation, and investigating careers, majors, and colleges. 

High School

In high school, the focus becomes more specific to fulfilling academic requirements for graduation, refining plans for the future, and solidifying the social emotional competencies necessary to achieve post-secondary goals.