Car Rider Information

  • Porter Elementary  - Car Rider Information 2022-2023





    1. Our front doors will open at 7:35. Please do not leave your students alone at the door before this time as we will not have anyone on staff to supervise them.
    2. When driving onto campus, please form one line to the right in the drop-off lane.
    3. Students should exit their vehicle and walk on the sidewalk to the front doors.
    4. Porter staff will be on duty from 7:35 to 8:10 to help students into the building.

    AFTER SCHOOL CAR RIDERS – Dismissal will begin at 3:45.

    In order to ensure that students are correctly placed on a school bus or waiting for car transportation at the time of dismissal, all requests to make changes in a student’s after-school mode of transportation need to be made by 3:15 p.m. All changes must be in writing. You can email the change in transportation to Be sure to include your complete name, a phone number where you can be reached, your child’s name, and other important information.

    1. Car riders will be dismissed to the cafeteria at 3:45 each day.
    2. When driving onto campus to pick up your child, form one line to the right in the pick-up lane. Your car must be in the car rider line in order for your student to be dismissed to you.
    3. All cars must have a Porter Elementary car rider tag that will be distributed the first week of school. We ask that you place this sign on your dashboard or rearview mirror so that it will be easy to locate and read.
    4. Students will not be released to cars without the correct car tag. If you need replacement or duplicate tags, you will need to complete a Car Tag Order Form located in the front office. You must show a valid ID in order to receive your car tag.
    5. If someone attempts to pick up a student and they do not have the correct car tag, they will be asked to go into the building to show proper identification before the student is released to them.
    6. In order to ensure the safety of all, we ask that parents not walk to the front doors to collect their child. Students will not be released in this manner until all car riders have been safely placed in the correct vehicle. 

    Please remember that during the first week of school it may take longer to load students. Our goal is to have all students loaded into the correct car within 20 minutes of dismissal. By following the above guidelines, we will be able to meet this goal.

Morning Drop Off
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