• The Spartan and Spartanette of the month are selected by their administrators, teachers, and staff members. This award is an honor to receive. It means that the student selected exemplifies all the traits and characteristics that are instilled in being a Spartan/Spartanette of Porter High School: Honor, pride, focus, work ethic, honesty, and integrity. The recognition for being selected is an honor that includes a month long pass to eat in the Spartan Cafe, an elite dining facility set aside for these prestigious students. The Spartan/Spartanette are allowed to invite 3 of their friends, which we have named "entourage,"  to dine with them. The Spartan/Spartanette of the Month will also receive an ID badge that reads "Spartan/Spartanette of the Month," which allows them to proceed to the front of the line during lunch. Once the Spartan/Spartanette receives their lunch, they proceed to the Spartan Cafe where their picture will be hung in a frame that adorns the entrance to this elite dining facility.  

    March Spartanette of the Month House of Arts and Humanities: 

    Jailene Sauceda is a positive hard working student who always shows up to class willing to learn. She completes all of her assignments to the best of her abilities! She provides a great example to other students and is a true joy to teach!
    March Spartan of the Month House of Arts and Humanities:
    Jesse Torres is a hard working freshman with a positive attitude! Jesse comes to class and does his best! He continues to work hard!!
    March Spartanette of the Month House of Business and Criminal Justice:
    Sidney Donalson goes beyond expectations in everything she does! She has a very caring and heartfelt mindset!  Sidney is always helpful and kind and conscious of the needs of her peers!  Sidney is an Honor Student and works to support herself! She always has high expectations and will graduate with Honors and a Cosmetology License!!
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    March Spartan of the Month House of Business and Criminal Justice:

    Deion Rhea joined the LMC student aide team at the semester. He is so positive, polite, and HELPFUL!! He is proactive in asking how he can help. He jumps to any task requested of him and it is performed without question and with Spartan excellence!!
    March Spartanette of the Month House of Engineering and Agriculture:
    Erica Trollope is an exemplary student not only because of her excellent academics, but for the following reasons: First, Erica cares about her fellow students. She is always willing to assist other students and give of herself. Erica is a member of Best Buddies and shares her breakfast and lunch with special education students to make them feel more involved in the school experience! Every day Erica helps a special needs student by making sure they get from one class to another. She is involved in Partner's PE and works tirelessly to provide the special needs kids (many who have behavioral problems) with a fun experience in PE. Erica is involved with TAFE. She built a special apparatus for one of the Partner's PE wheelchair students to use during their time in PE for a more profound experience. Erica submitted this project at a TAFE conference and was awarded first prize and will be taking her apparatus to a state competition. Erica is also a member of the Spartan Color Guard and can be found on many afternoons assisting the underclassmen Color Guard to perfect their skills. She has a generous spirit, believes in helping her fellow students and teachers which makes Porter High a better place for everyone!!
    March Spartan of the Month for the House of Engineers and Agriculture: 
    Jonathan Dullen is a great student, person and Spartan! He is a very hard worker at everything he does. Jonathan is also a strong leader to other students. He is punctual and a model student/ athlete at Porter High School. Jonathan manages all of his schoolwork (A's and B's), while competing in Varsity football and track!