Sparty the Spartan:  Vanessa Paskie
    Sparty 2015.16
    Being the Mascot at Porter High School has been a great experience. I really enjoy the pep rally's because that is my time to shine and for the cheerleaders to introduce me as a new mascot for Porter High School. The thing I like best about being Sparty, is not only that I represent the school but I love interacting with children and seeing their smiling faces. I have made many memories as Sparty this year and it has been lots of fun! Being the Mascot and representing Porter High School will be something that I will never forget. 
    Spartan Warrior
    Cadet 1st Lt William Cantrell (senior) Mascot from June 2015 -  November 2015

    I enjoyed being the mascot, because I felt like I was part of something more in the school. I felt like I was part of the tradition of honor and a legacy of valor. Every time I stepped on that field, I knew the team, and school's spirit rested on my shoulders. And who doesn't like a man in armor?

    Cadet Capt Rodgerick Sharp (junior) Mascot from November 2015 - present 

    When I was selected to be the Mascot at Porter High School after only being at the school for less than two months I was amazed. It is so fun to be able to be able to represent the school in such an amazing way. To just be able to put on the armor and keep the fans pumped up is an incredible feeling.  It’s just so amazing that I get to represent the whole school now and the Spartans that are to come. It was an amazing school year and I can't wait to start the school year off next year as the Spartan for an amazing football season. "Spartans Prepare For Glory"


    Jay Gutierrez
     Nickname: "Dr. Jay"
    "Being the mascot for Porter High School has been fun! Every time I wear the Spartan armor I feel like a king or a strong leader because I am always there for my fellow Spartan classmates to lead them and to fill them with lots of spirit! It has been an amazing experience to be the mascot of Porter High School!"

    Jacob Lehman
        "When the wind blows on me and my suit I feel like I'm meant to be the PHS mascot."  These words typify the positive attitude Jacob displays when he represents the Porter High Spartans.        
    Jacob is an easy-going, personable freshman at PHS.  He says a successful mascot must be determined and creative.  He must be able to dance and overcome embarrassment.  "Messing up is part of being the mascot!" He says the rewards are well worth the challenges he faces.  Jacob typically has his adrenaline flowing when everyone is looking at him.  That's a good feeling, but scary too.
    Jacob's Best Mascot Moment:  when he used a siren microphone to get everyone's attention.
    Jacob's Worst Mascot Moment:  when he faced the wrong direction during the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Cesar Yepes
    "Being the Spartan mascot for the first year of Porter High School was an amazing experience. I am honored to have been the first chosen to represent PHS. The community, especially children, loved to touch my armor and were amazed at how realistic it was. I hope the tradition continues and the Spartan mascot is around for years to come."

    Originally from Cali, Colombia, Cesar is an outstanding representative of PHS. He is involved in many extracurricular activities such as powerlifting, TSA, and JROTC. His hobbies include bodybuilding, working on motor vehicles, and engineering. Cesar has placed "Best in State" for 2 TSA projects and holds 3 powerlifting state records in the WABDL Federation.

    His future goal is to attend a prestigious college or university such as MIT and to earn a masters degree in an engineering field.