School of Rock

  • Welcome to the NCHS School of Rock webpage! This program is an after-school initiative that is currently supported by Mr. Souchek, Mr. Parker, Mr. Kojak, and Mr. Holford. We offer music lessons on a variety of instruments and provide our club members with a venue to rehearse and showcase their musical abilities.

    All necessary musical & technical equipment is provided for students to utilize while on campus during rehearsals and performances. The overall goal for each year is to provide every student within the club at least one opportunity to play in front of a live audience. We have been incredibly successful thus far and continue to expand the program throughout New Caney High School.

    We strongly believe that our organization is one of the best options to foster a student's creative abilities. Furthermore, we believe in a model of education where the ultimate measure of success is the point at which a given student becomes his or her teacher's equal...or, as has been the case in previous years, the student surpasses the teacher altogether! As an illustration of this, we are one of the only high school organizations in which students and teachers work in equal partnership towards a common goal (which is to BLOW PEOPLE'S MINDS IN A ROCK CONCERT!).

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