NCHS Theatre


    The Eagles Theatre Production Company (ETPC) is an elite group of students that excel in Theatre Arts. These students consist of all grade levels and are trained in technical as well as acting skills. To become an ETPC member, one must prove excellence in theatre through an audition.


    Who are we?

    We are Eagles, who hold our heads high!

    We may have bumps and bruises both physically and emotionally at times, but we never quit!

    We encourage one another; build each other up because that’s what family does!

    We appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to be successful because we understand nothing worth having comes free!

    We are gritty, not afraid to get our hands dirty, to sweat, or to shed a tear!

    We love one another and respect each other!

    We set high expectations for ourselves and for each other, because holding each other accountable is the foundation of teamwork!

    We refuse to settle for mediocrity. Success takes drive, dedication, and motivation. We will not settle for less than our very best!

    Each of you plays an important role in our company!

    Each of you is special!

    Each of you is an Eagle, and each of you will soar high!

    We are proud of your accomplishments and the blessing you are to our program!


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2023-2024 Officers

  • President:  John Garza
    Vice President: Angela Ramon
    Lead Technician: Eliana Rebollar

    Scene Shop Master: Jesus Olvera

    MAPO: Alex Cuevas-Benitez

    Props Master: Camron Goss