• "DECA is preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to be college and career ready"

    DECA is an international organization that helps high school and college students to be college and career ready. With career pathways including Finance, Hospitality, Marketing, and Management, the possibilities are endless! There are over 50 competitive events and even more online challenges where members can put their knowledge and skills to the test. Porter DECA is going into their 10th year and has qualified for the International Career Development Conference in eight of those years to date.

    Here are a few key facts from the DECA Inc. website:

    DECA Members Gain 21st Century Skills

    • Through participation in DECA activities, 92% DECA members say they learned how to communicate thoughts and ideas, how to organize a presentation and more about what businesses expect from employees, while gaining problem solving skills.

    DECA Members are Prepared to Become Leaders

    • More than 90% of DECA members say their experience empowered them to be an effective leader and connected school to the real world. Nearly 80% of DECA members say DECA helped them recognize the benefits of community service.

    DECA Members Are Motivated for the Future

    • DECA members say their experience prepared them academically for college and career (88%), influenced their college plans (68%), influenced their career plans (75%) and influenced their interest in entrepreneurship and owning a business (61%).

    DECA is BIG

    • DECA is organized into two unique student divisions, each with programs designed to address the learning styles, interest and focus of its members. The High School Division includes 200,000 members in 3,500 schools. The Collegiate Division includes over 15,000 members in 275 colleges and universities.