• COVID-19 Information/Return to In-Person Instruction Plan

    New Caney ISD is providing traditional, in-person educational services for the 2021-2022 school year and will not have a remote learning option based on current information and circumstances. In-person instruction is critical for the academic success, as well as the social and emotional well-being, of the vast majority of students.

    With guidance from NCISD Health Services, the Texas Education Agency, local/state health authorities and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the district's Return to In-Person Instruction Plan outlines protocols for the 2021-22 school year. In accordance with Executive Order No. GA-36 prohibiting governmental entities and officials from mandating face coverings, all face coverings, including masks and shields, may be worn at the discretion of the individual student or staff member. Prevention of the spread of illnesses in our schools will continue to take all of us working together. The best way to prevent the spread of illness is to stay home when ill and practice appropriate hand hygiene and respitory etiquette. New Caney ISD asks parents to screen their children for illness each day and keep them home when they experience symptoms related to COVID-19 in a way that is not normal for them.

    In accordance with state and local health authority requirements, New Caney ISD will report all positive case notifications received from parents, teachers or staff to the designated agency. In addition, upon receipt of an individual on a campus who tests positive for COVID-19, a classroom letter of notification will be sent out to all parents of students in the affected classroom(s).

    Continuity of Services

    Beginning August 2021, the district plans to return to a pre-pandemic academic schedule inclusive of in-person instruction and all extracurricular and cocurricular activities. The district's decision-process regarding continuity of services was informed by data from a stakeholder survey. The district will focus on high-quality instruction and utilize universal screeners, district learning assessments, and classroom formative assessment to measure student learning and growth. This data will also be used to determine the need for targeted support and accelerated learning. Interventionists are available on every campus to provide the prescribed supports for identified students. In addition to meeting the academic needs of all students, the district will continue to focus on the social and emotional wellness of our students and staff. Students will receive daily, or weekly instruction designed to promote healthy mindsets, social skills, and optimal behavior with our Texas Education Agency-approved best practice curriculum. Teachers and students will define behaviors that support their learning and work to strengthen and improve them through a goal setting and feedback process. Students who demonstrate a need for targeted support in this area will receive intervention by the school counselor or the district behavior support team. Our district will continue to partner with local mental health agencies (Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare and Yes to Youth) to further  support our students and families. We recognize that a variety of circumstances may result in students needing to be out of school occasionally. When those occasions arise, students are encouraged to stay current through Canvas.

    COVID-19 Positive Test Reporting Form (Students and Staff)

    Students and staff use this form to report to the school if you have received a postive COVID-19 test result.