Academic Planning

  • Degree Plans

    As you embark upon the journey to higher education and the global workforce, having goals in mind will lead to greater success. Below are listed the most popular and in-demand fields of study that are currently available to you. Please use these individual degree plans as a guide for your stay at Porter High School. The individual degree plans take into consideration a focus of study, the pre-requisites for each class, and the best available courses for your chosen field of interest.

    If these individual degree plans do not meet your interests, a general degree plan may be formed out of the available electives and you will be assigned to a particular house that best matches your interest for guidance purposes. At the end of this packet there is a blank degree plan for you to fill out. Keep this with your records as a guide for your studies. Remember, this is a guide only and does not lock you into any field of study or series of courses. There can be changes in focus during your educational journey; however, it is recommended to try to stay in a particular focus. After the sophomore year it is particularly hard to get into the engineering program due to pre-requisites. All of us at Porter High School are here to help you succeed in fulfilling your individual goals. If you have questions, please feel free to call and plan your future with us. Your future begins today.


Pass | Fail

  • New Caney ISD allows a Pass/Fail option for students in the Class of 2024 and 2025. Please review the guidelines below and view the Pass/Fail Information document for details. Applications for the fall semester are due on October 27, 2023. Students and parents are encouraged to reach out to their counselor with any questions.

    New Caney ISD Pass | Fail Guidelines

    Pass | Fail Information

    Pass | Fail Application

Career Plan and Course Information