Mrs. Rosie David

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Music Education Oral Roberts University Master's Degree in School Administration University of Texas at Pan American

Mrs. Rosie David

I am fascinated how music affects our whole person. One of my favorite quotes by Robert Shaw says, "The Arts are not simply skills: Their concern is the intellectual and spiritual maturity of human life. And in a time when religious and political institutions may lose their visions of human dignity, they (the arts) are the custodians of those values which most worthily define humanity, which most sensitively define Divinity, and, in fact, may prove to be the only workable Program of Conservation for the human race on the planet." The aesthetic joys of music making cannot be duplicated in any other art form. It is a communication unto itself. It is found that the study of music strengthens the minds learning potential. The students who are part of a music program tend to achieve at higher levels in all areas of school. I believe that every child can learn, and extend that belief to the certainty that every child is musically expressive and deserves the opportunity to explore that capability. It is with the greatest pleasure that I welcome all choir students to Woodridge Forrest Middle School Choral Department. It is going to be an exciting year for all involved!


What will students learn in Choir?
Through out the year will address both the individual singer by developing vocal skills, increasing knowledge of his/her own voice, developing music literacy and providing opportunities for solo and group performances. In addition, we will address choral ensemble by developing group cohesiveness, build choral skills and fostering pride in their participation.

Why is it so important for your child to be in choir?

Choral music can:

provide a unique way of thinking

act as a link between the past and the present

lift the self-esteem of participants

bring joy to both singer and audience

provide a means of expressing thoughts, values and emotions through singing that otherwise

may be difficult to express through words