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Degrees and Certifications:

Sam Houston State University Bachelor of Science Major: Interdisciplinary Agriculture Minor: Secondary Education Certifications Agricultural Science and Technology 6-12

David Sheffield

Welcome to the Porter High School Agriculture Mechanics Program. In this program, students will learn a variety of basic skills which are an integral part of agriculture, and many other life areas. This program consists of two consecutive full year courses which begin with Agriculture Mechanics and Metal Technologies and progresses through Agriculture Structures and Design

            Agriculture Mechanics and Metal Technologies is designed to help the student build basic skills and knowledge in tools and equipment safety, basic electrical wiring, plumbing, concrete work, carpentry, fencing, surveying, and metal work. Welding builds on the skills learned in Agriculture Mechanics and Metal Technologies and introduces students to machinery maintenance and repair. Agriculture Structures and Design increases skills learned in the previous courses, giving the student basic skills and knowledge which can improve future employability.

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