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Debra Slade-Redden

Hi, I'm Debra Slade-Redden and I teach Aquatic Science. I have a Bachelor of Arts and Teaching from Sam Houston State University. I have been teaching at New Caney High School for thirty-seven years. I love the students, parents, and school. My passion is science and hopefully, I can pass that on to my students.

281-577-2800 Ext.5347

I am available to tutor any morning or afternoon except for Thursday (my duty day). Please set up the day and time with me.


1st - Conference                       6th - Aquatic Science

2nd - Aquatic Science                7th - Conference

3rd - Aquatic Science                 8th - Aquatic Science

4/9th - Aquatic Science

10 th - Aquatic Science              10th - Aquatic Science



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Course description

This course is an advanced science and is a full year course. This course is designed as a laboratory-oriented study of organisms living in or near water, the effects of their environment, and the manner in which organisms have adapted to their environment. Topics studied include physical oceanography, marine biology, environmental impact of man and the oceans, and water testing procedures. Special emphasis will be placed on the Texas coastline.