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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a Secondary Certification

Mrs. Billie Turner

Hello, my name is Billie Turner and I am a graduate of Wayland Baptist University. As a child growing up, I belonged to a very large family. There are eleven siblings, and I am the third to youngest. My older brothers and sisters have chosen to work within a variety of professions, and I was always the one who helped them through many math courses. This was not only a learning experience for them but for me as well.

With this in mind, I decided to attend Texas Tech University to obtain my architecture and civil engineering degree. There was just one thing I did not expect to happen. I found Christ while living in Lubbock, and realized that the degree I had chosen was not what I was called to do. So I returned to El Paso and continued my education at El Paso Community College for a semester before recognizing that teaching was my ideal profession. Once I realized that I had a gift of understanding mathematics well enough to explain it in diverse ways, I chose to attend Wayland Baptist University not only to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics but also to be able to strengthen my relationship with Christ freely.

It has always been in my nature to teach and help others, at least when it involved mathematics or sciences. I may not know everything there is about teaching, but I do know that teaching is what I am meant to do. With my understanding and knowledge of math and science and my passion for student success, I feel it is only natural to pass that knowledge on to the children of my society. It has always been what I truly love and what I have come to understand as my calling.