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Jeri Kent

Welcome to Art with Ms.Kent in Room C113! Where you create art and art creates you!

Teaching Philosophy: You must learn, you can learn, you will learn. The fact that you have not yet learned means that I have not yet found the way to explain the subject so simply, so clearly, and so exactly that it is impossible for you not to understand. But I will find the way. I will not quit on you." —Authour Unknown

I want students to know that they are safe in our room. I want students to be comfortable with eachother as well as with me so that there can be meaningful disscussions. I want our Art room to be a place where students feel free to express themselves. Talking is commonplace in our room along with group work. It is my hope that students will participate on a level that they can learn from eachother as well as from me.

Artists: Respect others, start a dialogue, experiment with materials, observe, find their voice, self-evaluate, make connections, express themselves, learn from their mistakes, clean up, reflect on their work, embrace diversity, take pride in craftsmanship, perservere, have an openion, appreciate beauty and the unusual, break away from stereotypes, envision solutions, value aesthetics, see another point of view, and innovate.

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