The French and Spanish clubs have united to make the Foreign Language Club. By uniting the clubs have combined resources and student involvement in order to support each other and have a greater impact on Culture and Diversity Awareness.
    The Foreign Language Club's goals remain the same as before; to promote cultural diversity at PHS, sponsor multi-cultural events, and support our local community.
    The sponsors for the Foreign Language Club are Mr. Eduardo Valladares (Spanish teacher) and Mr. Anton Delev (French teacher). They are supported by the entire foreign Language department.
    We encourage ALL PHS students of ALL diversity to join and support our club.
    Benefits to membership:
    - Scholarship Eligibility
    - Service Hours
    - Sense of Belonging
    Upcoming Events:
    - September Hispanic Heritage Month
          * Flamenco Ballet - 9/22/2016
    - Dia de los Muertos
          * November 2, 2016