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Sheri Bonsal

WELCOME to 2017-2018!  It is a great year to be “Born with Pride” as our school theme states!

This summer, a group of 11 Porter Elementary staff members attended a No Excuses University, 3-day conference in Dallas. At this conference, we were exposed to the 6 Exceptional Systems of No Excuses University and how they can lead us to becoming a more successful school.  We returned and excitedly presented the systems to our faculty and staff who eagerly adopted them as part of our campus culture.  This year, we will be focusing on the following:

Culture of Universal Achievement:  We believe that ALL students deserve the right to be educated in such a way that they are prepared to attend college should they choose to do so.  We believe that our students are capable of meeting the academic standards in reading, writing, and math in order to make that opportunity a reality! We believe that with YOUR HELP, this IS A POSSIBLITY FOR ALL OF OUR STUDENTS!

 To support these beliefs, we will be focusing on COLLEGE READINESS this year!

 Each homeroom has adopted a different college, and they will learn about that college all year. 

  • We will have conversations with your child about all aspects of college, degree plans, careers, college life, school spirit, scholarships, etc.!
  • Your child will learn their college graduation year.
  • One of our slogans will be “After high school comes college!”
  • We will have weekly college shirt days (Tuesday). We encourage your child to wear the college shirt of their homeroom.

 The entire staff of Porter Elementary is committed, 100% to the following:

 We believe in OUR students!

We believe in YOUR child(ren)!


With the support of their teachers, their parents, and the community, we believe WITHOUT EXCUSE that all students will demonstrate mastery in reading, writing, and math so that they may achieve their greatest potential.

 We are focused on ONE GOAL!

Without excuse, 100% of Porter Elementary students will excel in reading, writing, and math which will prepare them to be successful at a university of their choice.

We are excited about what this year will bring, and we are eager to venture on this journey with you!