• Degree plan options for our students that are interested in the obtaining college credit within their field of interest.
    *Courses are subject to availability at the college.
    Endorsements earned with below degree plans:
    Business/Accounting Degree (Business & Industry Endorsement)
    Computer Animation/Arts Degree (Business & Industry Endorsement) 
    Criminal Justice Degree (Public Service Endorsement)
    Education (Public Service Endorsement) 
    Pre-Med/Nursing (Public Service Endorsement) 
    STEM Degree (STEM Endorsement) 
     *Multidisciplinary Endorsement (all students will earn this on our campus, in addition to below options) 
    **Should a student not pick a specific degree plan, we will follow the basic requirements for an Associate of Arts from LSC-K. 
    Degree Plans Attached:
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