• K-SHAC Activity for April 2022:

    Help us! We are collecting boys' hygiene supplies for a local shelter.  Please bring your items to Spirit Night on April 21st, 5-8pm.

    K-SHAC Activity for December 2021:

    Lin made cute cards by hand for residents at a local shelter and residents at a memory care facility.  She also bought sweet presents for residents at both places.  The shelter and memory care facility were happily surprised by the act of kindness.  Thank you Lin! You are my hero!

    K-SHAC Activity for October 2021:

    Trunk or Treat was a lot of fun!  The wind almost blew everything away, but we survived. 😂 At first, the kids were unsure of the "needle in a haystack" game, but we helped them learn.  Some also enjoyed tossing the hay about which took us by surprise, but we still had a good time.  With our wide variety of prizes, no one missed the candy!   :D  Thanks StuCo for organizing a great event.  It was nice to have family fun after the last 2 years!

2021-2022 Officers

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Student helping a kid play


  • What is K-SHAC?

    K-SHAC stands for Knights Student Health Advisory Committee.

    What is K-SHAC's mission?

    KSHAC is here for you.  KSHAC cares about your health and your well being.  For example, we focus on stress relief, physical activity, and nutrition!! KSHAC is here to help you learn healthy habits and enjoy your time here at Infinity.  We also serve our community when possible like providing Christmas gifts and hygiene supplies to a local shelter and a local assisted living facility.

    What do K-SHAC members do?

    It depends on what YOU care about.  We organize projects based on student desire and need.

    Possible activities:

    • Gather data about student health concerns at IECHS
    • Help plan school wide events that promote health & wellness
    • Educate fellow students about basic health information
    • Develop leadership and professional skills
    • Serve local organizations

    When does K-SHAC meet?

    Activity 2 time (afternoons on Fridays we are in school)

kid and parents enjoying trunk or treat
kshac members