Mr. Matthew Busby

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Degrees and Certifications:

Certifications: Texas Educatoin Agency - Trade and Inductrial Education Mississippi Department of Educaiton - STEM, Social Studies, and General Science 3P051 - Security Forces Operator 92W - Water Treatment NCO 2651 - Signals Intelligence Communicator CPR/First Aid - AHA BLS & Heartsaver 911 Operator Instructor Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)  Instructor Security Guard Level II Degrees: A.S. - Liberal Arts - Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College B.S. History & Psychology - William Carey University 2001 Juris Doctor - Western Michigan University - 2007

Mr. Matthew Busby

I am the Career and Technical Education Department Chair and teach all subject in the Criminal Justice Department - Principles of Law and Public Safety, Law Enforcement I, Law Enforcement II, Court Systems, and Federal Law Enforcement.


A Day

1st - Law Enforcement II

2nd - Court Systems

3rd - Law Enforcment II

4th - Federal Law Enforcement

5th - Planning

B Day

6th - Federal Law Enforcement

7th - Law Enforcement II

8th - Law Enforcement II

9th - Federal Law Enforcement 

10th - Planning


I am available for Tutoring before and after school Tuesday - Thursday 8am - 825am and 415pm - 5pm.  


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2018-2019 Course Syllabus 


By signing below, I hereby irrevocably grant and convey to Porter High School Criminal Justice Department all right, title and interest in and to record my name, image, voice, statements and/or writings including any and all photographic images and video or audio recordings made by Porter High School in connection with the Criminal Justice Department.   I further irrevocably grant to Porter High School, its advertisers, customers, agents, successors and assigns, unrestricted rights to use the above mentioned sound, still, or moving images in any medium, including posting on the Internet and World Wide Web, for educational, promotional, advertising, or other purposes without limitation consistent with the mission of the school. I agree that all intellectual property rights to the sound, still, or moving images belong to Porter High School. I voluntarily waive the right to inspect or approve such images and waive my right to any royalties, proceeds or other benefits derived from such photographs or recordings. If I am an enrolled student, I understand that this release constitutes a waiver of my privacy rights under The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act. This release is effective on the date written below and will remain in effect indefinitely. If individual is less than eighteen (18) years of age, his/her parent or legal guardian must also sign below.

Grading:  A=90-100  B=80-89  C=70-79  F=below 70  I=incomplete

Grading follows the policies of New Caney ISD.  A mid-term progress report and a report card following the end of each term are issued.

Daily Grade Average – 40% Daily grades will make up no more than 40% of the overall average. A minimum of nine (9) daily grades will be taken in each grading period. Daily grades include assignments other than major grades. Within a nine (9) week grading period, teachers will be expected to record at least three (3) daily grades by the end of each progress report (PR) to include a minimum of one daily grade every week.

Class work is any instructional activity defined/planned by the teacher to be completed during a class period to facilitate the learning process. Quizzes Quizzes are short assessments designed to evaluate the student’s level of understanding. Homework Homework is an effective tool in developing responsibility, study habits, and skills.

Daily work may include homework assignments that will be calculated within the 40% daily grade average. Late Work Late work for a class will be accepted at the next class period after the due date with a maximum grade of 70. Late work will not be accepted after the end of the grading period.

Major Grade Average – 60% A minimum of three (3) major tests, projects, group assessments/presentations and term papers will make up 60% of the overall average. Within a nine (9) week grading period, teachers will be expected to record at least one (1) major grade by the end of each progress report (PR). No major grade assignments will be given to students during the last two class meeting dates of the grading period.

Major tests include chapter, unit, concept, and curriculum based assessments (CBAs). Mock STAAR tests will not count as major test grades. Mock tests should be used for diagnostic purposes.

Group Assessments/Presentations The type of assessment often requires analyzing a task, developing a plan of action, selecting, gathering, and presenting relevant information.

Term Papers/Projects These major grades are lengthy class work or homework assignments that may take several weeks for a student or group of students to complete. A rubric must be provided to the student prior to beginning the paper/project. Term papers or projects assigned over a lengthy period are due on or before the due date. Students who are absent on the due date for a scheduled school-related absence must meet the deadline. Any exception for a long term assignment to be late must be approved by the principal or principal’s designee after meeting with the classroom teacher.


Reteach and retesting should occur for major test when a class has 50% or more of the students make less than 70. Any student who makes below 70 on a major test may take a retest by meeting the following requirements: 1) The retest must be taken within two (2) weeks from the date that the original test is returned to the student and must be completed within the grading period. 2) The student must participate in tutoring provided by the teacher or complete corrections to the original test in order to be eligible for a retest. 3) The retest given to students will be an alternate assessment. A maximum of one (1) retest will be offered for a major test. The maximum grade earned on a retest will be 70 and will replace the original test grade.

Final Exams

 Final exams will be given at the end of each semester. The tests will count 10% of a student’s final grade in each semester. Contact your H.S. to find out the requirements for student exemptions from taking a final exam. [M.S/6th grade] No final exams.



A student will be given the opportunity to make up work missed during absences and suspensions. It is the responsibility of the student to request and complete any assignments or tests missed because of absence. Students will be permitted one day for make-up work for each day of absence

There will be no homework in this class unless a student is completing an assignment they were unable to complete in class.  Failure to follow class safety policies will result in removal of the student from the practicum and a “0” for that practicum grade.  Serious offenses will result in disciplinary action. 

I am available for tutoring before school except for Tuesday and after school except for Thursday.  Please make an appointment with me.

Course Requirements: Daily participation is a must!  Students will work in Google Classroom to complete assignment. Actively participating in class discussions, and being a good teammate when working in group activities is a key to success in my class.

If a student is failing any subject, they will not be allowed to participate in any Criminal Justice Activities.  Satisfactory academic progress is required at all times.  If you are not performing well in a class, we have peer tutoring in the Criminal Justice Department.

What is this class like:

Research shows that classrooms must foster an inclusionary climate.  It is essential that students bond with one another and with the teacher to form a positive learning community.  Therefore, students will be expected to support each other, promoting a family-like atmosphere.  We will even refer to this class as a class family.  As your teacher, my goal will be to mold you as a group of individuals without common ground or goals into a classroom community where “they” becomes “us.”

Our class family will include numerous rituals that the students will become familiar with to help them feel more comfortable in their environment.  Students will be given jobs or have the option to apply for jobs in the classroom to make our class more productive and enjoyable. 

 Assignments will be available in Canvas.

Contacting Me:  The best way to contact me is through email.  Please include your name (student’s) in the subject line of each email.  I will do my best to respond to emails within 24 hours (school days).

 I have Lunchroom Duty on Friday mornings from 7:30 – 8:15

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom! – George Washington Carver


Mr. Busby