Car Rider Procedures

  • In order to increase student safety and improve traffic flow, we ask that all elementary students who will be picked up in the afternoon as car riders have a pre­-printed Car Rider Pass.

    To receive a car rider pass, please fill out the information on the form below and return it to the campus. We will process the forms and have your Car Rider Pass ready to be picked up on Thursday, August 24th, during Meet the Teacher Night. Please make sure you have a valid, state issued photo ID to pick up your child’s Car Rider Pass. If you are not attending Meet the Teacher Night, please make arrangements with the campus to pick up the Pass before the first day of school.

    The Car Rider Pass must be displayed every day in the window of the vehicle that will be picking your child up. Beginning on the first day of school, students will not be released without the pass being displayed. If you do not have a Car Rider Pass, you will be required to park your car and go into the front office with your ID.