• Dual Language

    Through dual language education, New Caney ISD is equipping students with the tools to become bilingual, biliterate, and have a better understanding and appreciation for other cultures.  We are investing not only in the future of our students but also in the future of our community.

    The two-way dual language program is designed to mix both English language learners and English speakers in the same classroom where each student is learning a second language.  The goal of the program is to have roughly the same number of native English speakers and English language learners (each group should at least make up one-third to two-thirds of the total student population).  In the sequential model, the students will begin reading in their native language first and the second language will be added later (usually around 2nd or 3rd grade).  Students will receive instruction in all content areas in both languages separately.  The instructional time will be divided 50% Spanish and 50% English in all grade levels.  The program is rigorous and requires at least a 6 year commitment.  It is not an exit program.  The goals of the program are bilingualism, bi-literacy, high academic achievement at or above grade level, and multicultural competence.