• Coach Woolet
    8th Grade Social Studies
    Football & Track
    (281) 577-8880
    Howdy!  My name is Coach Woolet and I'm very excited to be teaching 8th grade U.S. History here at Woodridge Forest.  I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management and a double minor in Business Administration and Speech Communication.  After working in sports for five years I made the transition to teaching and coaching in 2013.  It's my goal to engage each and every student to help them achieve AWESOMENESS in life!
          Schedule                  Time                         Class
     1st/6th Period           8:15-9:45               8th Grade U.S. History
     2nd/7th Period         9:50-11:20             7th Grade Athletics
    3rd/8th Period           11:25-1:20             8th Grade U.S. History
    4th/9th Period           1:30-2:15               8th Grade U.S. History
    5th/10th Period           2:20-3:50                  Conference