Mrs. Lara

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bilingual Generalist EC-4

Mrs. Lara

Earn Dojo points for each assignement you complete!

ABC Order Write out your spelling words once as given and then once in alphabetical order. 3 Dojo Points

Write each word 3 times: 1st time printed 2nd time cursive 3rd time colored.  3 Dojo Points

Vowels & Consonants Rewrite your spelling words, writing consonants in blue and vowels in red.   3 Dojo Points

Make Your Own Create an activity! Practice your spelling words your own way. Be sure to explain what you did so that I can understand what you did.   3 Dojo Points

Spelling Practice Test Have an adult quiz you on the week’s words. Correct it. Any missed words must be written in a sentence and an adult must sign your paper.   3 Dojo Points

Write our your spelling words and then find the value of each of your spelling words. (a=$.01, b=$.02, etc.) Ex: spelling = $0.94

 5 Dojo Points

Riddle Me This Select 10 of your words. Write a riddle for each one. Don’t forget to add the answer to your riddles. Ex: I cry when I’m hungry. I wear diapers. I am cute. What am I? (Answer: baby   5 Dojo Points

Spelling Classification Classify the words according to the part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) Ex: tree = noun

 5 Dojo Points

Doubled-Up Sentences Use each word in a meaningful sentence (two spelling words per sentence). Be sure to underline or highlight the spelling words.   10 Dojo Points

Spell Me A Story Write an original story using all of your spelling words. Underline or highlight spelling words.  10 Dojo Points

Dictionary Words Write each word and its dictionary definition.  10 Dojo Points